Criminal Defense & DUI
Criminal Defense Attorney

Robert Bialkin works with criminal defense attorneys assisting clients in Sonoma County with felony and misdemeanor arrests for assault, battery, DUI, drug possession and sales, medical marijuana and more. The sooner an attorney gets involved in a criminal defense case the better, before police have a chance to extract admissions. A good Santa Rosa criminal defense attorney can even convince the district attorney to not file charges in some cases.  FREE CONSULT

Santa Rosa Criminal Defense Attorney

Robert Bialkin is an attorney in downtown Santa Rosa who serves all of Sonoma County, Marin County, Napa County, San Francisco and the entire Bay Area. He has over 50 positive online reviews and client testimonials with Google, Yelp, AVVO, and more, suggesting he is the best attorney to work with in Sonoma County.  READ REVIEWS

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Robert Bialkin can get clients help with felonies, misdemeanors, drug offenses, medical marijuana, DUI, blackmail, burglary, child abduction and endangerment, child abuse, conspiracy, trespass, conversion and theft, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, driving under the influence, embezzlement, failure to appear or obey, false pretenses, fraud, harassment, hate crime, home invasion, homicide, illegal immigration, ICE hold, intimidation, jaywalking, loitering, motor vehicle code and moving violations, murder and attempted murder, obscenity, obstruction of justice, occupational crime, perjury, possession of stolen goods, public intoxication or nuisance, rape, reckless endangerment, robbery, sabotage, shoplifting, solicitation, stalking, tampering with evidence or witness, threats, vandalism, voluntary manslaughter, weapon possession, and more.  FREE CONSULT

DUI Attorney

People from all walks of life get DUI’s. Many clients thought they were under the limit and felt fine to drive, but then had a blood alcohol level that was too high. Many clients get just one DUI in their life and then learn a valuable lesson about the cost of buzzed driving. A DUI actually involves two separate cases, one with the court, and one with DMV. A DMV hearing must be requested immediately, usually within ten days, or you will lose your case by default and possibly lose your license. Working with an attorney as soon as possible after a DUI can help minimize the consequences and maximize a defense.  FREE CONSULT

Medical Marijuana Attorney

There is a fine line between using and growing marijuana for personal medical use and cultivation for sales. Many clients unknowing cross this line thinking their actions are legal. Compliance with the law is key, but many clients don’t involve their attorney until it is too late. That is when a strong defense becomes crucial. Hiring a local criminal defense attorney in Santa Rosa can help you fight and win your case in the Sonoma County Courts.  FREE CONSULT