Estate planning and probate attorney Robert Bialkin in Santa Rosa can assist clients in Sonoma County and beyond with wills, trusts, a power of attorney, advance health care directive, probate, trust administration, protecting assets, challenges and disputes, inheritance, elder abuse, conservatorships, social security benefits, disability, and more.  FREE CONSULT

Santa Rosa Estate Planning Attorney

Robert Bialkin is an estate planning and probate attorney in downtown Santa Rosa who serves all of Sonoma County, Marin County, Napa County, San Francisco and the entire Bay Area. He has over 50 positive online reviews and client testimonials with Google, Yelp, AVVO, and more, suggesting he is the best estate planning attorney to work with in Sonoma County.  READ REVIEWS

Wills & Trusts Attorney

Everyone young and old should at least have a will, and if you own real property, a living trust. Too often clients explain that a parent was doing great, only to have their health decline quickly and pass before there was time to execute estate planning documents with their attorney. Having a will ensures that your property passes to the heirs you have chosen, instead of those chosen by the State of California.  FREE CONSULT

Power of Attorney & Advance Health Care Directive

Rarely does a person pass without warning. Usually, there is a period where they are sick, incapacitated, or just too weak to get around and manage their own affairs. This difficult period is managed and made easier by executing with your attorney a power of attorney and advance health care directive while you still have capacity. These important documents allow you to designate who will act on your behalf and make decisions for you when you can no longer make them for yourself.  FREE CONSULT

Probate Attorney

Without a living trust, your estate must pass to your heirs under court supervision. This can often be costly, as the fees are set by statute based on the gross value of your property. Avoiding probate fees is very important when you own real property, and can be easily done by executing a living trust. If you pass having only a will or no will at all, formal probate proceedings usually must be initiated. Probate attorney Robert Bialkin in Santa Rosa can help your family make this difficult period a bit easier by representing your executor and handling your probate with compassion.  FREE CONSULT

Trust Administration Attorney

A living trust designates a trustee to oversee and administer trust property for the benefit of the heirs. Being a trustee is complicated and involves a duty of care and loyalty that means acting only in the best interest of the beneficiaries. Most trustees are unprepared to properly navigate the liability and pitfalls of this position. Estate planning attorney Robert Bialkin in Sonoma County can help you stay legal.  FREE CONSULT

Probate & Trust Litigation Attorney

If someone has taken advantage of a parent or is not properly handling an estate, litigation may be necessary. Call Robert Bialkin for a free consultation and fight for your rights as a beneficiary or heir.  FREE CONSULT