Best Santa Rosa Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Broker, Loan Officer & Attorney

Real estate in Sonoma County is some of the best in all of California. Real estate agent / broker associate Robert Bialkin is a REALTOR® and loan officer, so he has a complete understanding of the real estate industry. He also happens to be a real estate attorney. Robert is both a residential and commercial real estate agent with vast local knowledge of the local flora, fauna, topography, and micro-climates in Santa Rosa and surrounding counties. Robert knows the local market, having lived in Sonoma County and Northern California his entire life. He has a local connection that can benefit his clients when dealing with other local sellers and their agents.

Santa Rosa Real Estate Agency

Robert Bialkin is a local real estate agent with an office in downtown Santa Rosa. He serves Sonoma County, Marin County, Napa County, San Francisco, and the rest of the Bay Area. He has over 50 positive online reviews and client testimonials on sites such as Google, Yelp, AVVO, and more, suggesting he is the best real estate agent to work with when buying and selling real estate in Sonoma County and beyond. READ REVIEWS

Real Estate Agent and REALTOR® in Santa Rosa

Robert Bialkin may just be the best real estate agent to help you find, finance, and negotiate a real estate deal. Who do you want representing you in one of the biggest financial transaction of your life? Robert is a real estate agent, attorney, and also loan officers so he is able to pre-approve buyers on his own without needing to rely on third-party loan agents like most real estate agents and REALTORS®.  FREE CONSULT

Santa Rosa Residential Real Estate Agent

Robert Bialkin is both a real estate agent and loan officer for residential real estate mortgages and home loans. He can get you the home and the loan, with one-stop shopping for your new purchase of real property.  FREE CONSULT

Santa Rosa Commercial Real Estate Agent

Business transactions and real estate are often one and the same. Robert Bialkin understands the issues faced by investors, commercial landlords, and their business tenants. Robert can help you locate a commercial property to buy, or find and negotiate a commercial lease for your business.  FREE CONSULT

Santa Rosa Real Estate Attorney

Robert Bialkin is also a real estate attorney. And while hiring him as a real estate agent or mortgage loan officer does not create an attorney client relationship without separate written agreement, his superior knowledge sure does come in handy during those complicated real estate purchase or sale transactions.  FREE CONSULT